How Texas avoided the Obamacare insurance cancellation for now

Dallas Morning News:
Insurance companies, brokers and consumer advocates say a highly publicized national wave of health plan cancellations largely bypassed Texas.

There are several complex reasons, but one of the biggest is this: Following the example of Arkansas and other Southern states, the Texas Department of Insurance told health insurers in June that they could compress the contractual period of this year’s policies. That meant they could be renewed late this year.

The little-noticed advisory may have steered as many as 2.2 million Texans who are in individual or small-group plans around the federal health care law’s demands for richer benefits and tighter caps on out-of-pocket expenses until almost 2015.

So when President Barack Obama tried to quell a political furor by announcing Nov. 14 that canceled policies could be extended for one more year, it had little practical effect in Texas.

Insurance broker John Krantz of the McLaughlin Brunson Insurance Agency of Dallas says early renewal already was the choice of more than 95 percent of the small business owners and individual policyholders he knows.
There is more.

This gives these businesses and individuals time and saves them money this year, but they will still be under the gun right before the 2014 election.  I would be very surprised if any of these people vote for the architects of this debacle.


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