The Democrat politicians with a Hong Kong problem

Monica Showalter:
The turmoil in Hong Kong is a huuuuuuge embarrassment for Democrats. Hong Kongers are waving the stars and stripes, singing the national anthem, and issuing a global cry for freedom. For a Democratic party that loudly supports bend-a-knee leftists who hate the U.S. flag, such as Colin Kaepernick, that's a problem. And for a party that is trying to sell socialism to the U.S. public, well, thug-state China's got socialism in spades.

President Trump has taken flak for his response to the crisis, arguably so, but the real clown show is in what's coming from the Democrats.

Here's what Axios found when it tried to get answers from Democratic presidential candidates about what to do, particularly if the Chicoms get violent with the Hongkongers....

O.K., so cowardice and an embarrassed silence is the response from the vast majority of them. Total tongue-ties from Booker, Klobuchar (the supposed moderate), Gabbard (figures, she has a soft spot for Russia's Putin and Chavista Venezuela), Yang, and Castro. Can't have anything cutting into that support for the Colin Kaepernick vote for those guys.

Gillibrand is also in this category, but in her case, file under 'stupid.' It wouldn't be surprising if she's never heard of Hong Kong.

Harris, Buttigieg and Biden also gave non-answers, failing to address the Axios questions. They like their own palaver. No idea what's wrong with Buttigieg, Harris I imagine remains in bed with Silicon Valley interests which have big business deals with China, and Biden, well, China's been good to the Biden family, so we all know which side old Joe's really on.

Sanders and O'Rourke actually tried to provide answers. The problem: their answers were dogs.

Sanders wants to sanction a few thuggy cops, not allowing them to have visas to the states? As if those guys could afford a lot of visits to the states? Never mind about the entire problem of the policy? That's weak tea, given that China is about to swallow that enclave whole.

O'Rourke wants to do the sanctions on bad cops, too, and halt sales of police equipment? Like the Chicoms can't get whatever they want from their own factories? The equipment is probably manufactured in China to begin with, so file under 'own goal.'
There is more.

It is a reflection of their weak China policy.  They just find it hard to be critical of a country whose despots they envy.


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