The asylum scam leads to purchase of kids as ticket into US

Daily Mail:
A Honduran migrant admitted to purchasing a baby for $80 in Guatemala after finding out that it was easier for family units to apply for asylum at the United States border.

Amilcar Guiza-Reyes, 51, confessed to immigration agents when he presented himself at the border with the six-month-old boy and was told he would be required to undergo a DNA test.

According to U.S. officials, the undocumented immigrant, Guiza-Reyes reportedly bought the child during his stop in the western Guatemalan town of Huehuetenango and continued his journey through Mexico before reaching the southern U.S. border where he was detained May 7.

The case is one of thousands which officials flagged as potentially fraudulent in recent weeks.

The child, whose name was withheld for privacy reasons, was transferred to the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services for placement.

The department of Homeland Security has dispatched 400 agents to interview families that are suspected of handing over fraudulent documents. Agents have identified 5,500 fraudulent families - about 15 percent of all cases referred - over the last eight weeks.
This is one of the results of the Democrat policies which are encouraging people to buy or rent kids to get into the country.  Their objection to the family separation policies only further encourage this kind of child exploitation.  In some cases, the cartels are selling the same kids over and over again.  Their refusal to fix the broken asylum system encourages criminal behavior.


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