Car bomb targets Iran's Baghdad embassy

Gateway Pundit:


Iraqi firefighters douse a fire at the site where a minibus packed with explosives blew up outside the Iranian embassy in central Baghdad, amid rising tensions over Tehran's relations with its war-torn neighbour.(AFP/Wisam Sami)

A minibus exploded across from the Iranian Ministry in Baghdad earlier today.
Iranian Bazteb News is reporting:

A minibus bomb exploded outside the Iranian embassy in central Baghdad early on Sunday, killing two people and wounding eight, a defence official said.

The blast occurred around 8:45 am (0545 GMT) during peak morning traffic and the site, less than 50 metres (yards) from the Iranian embassy complex in the Karrada Miriam district, was immediately sealed off.

There is more.

Who in Iraq could be upset with Iran. That country just seems to have enemy's everywhere these days. It has become a real pariah state.


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