The sickness of Hamas


A Palestinian suicide bomber has killed nine people along with himself and injured about 50 more in Tel Aviv.

The bombing, which came during the festival of Passover, was the first suicide attack in Israel since January.

The militant group Islamic Jihad said it was behind the restaurant blast, but Israel said it held the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority responsible.

However, Hamas, which has been keeping a truce with Israel, described the attack was an act of self-defence.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas condemned the bombing, saying it ran counter to Palestinian interests.


To Abbas it was conter productive, but otherwise OK. To Hamas it was self-defense? This is language abuse. Self defense is a response to an attack. The exploding Palestinian in Tel Aviv was not under attack by any rational interpretation of that word. He was merely a murder looking to kill people because of his sick religious and ethnic bigotry. He was one of Iran's proxy fighters in its war of aggression against Israel. Hamas' reaction demonstrates why that organization must be destroyed. While Iran has indicated that it will subsidize the terror organization, more troubling is the money being offered by Qatar. The latter country needs a brutally frank message to stop supporting terrorist organizations.


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