Human rights wackos trampling on rights of others in UK


People's increasing insistence on "standing up for their rights" seems to be undermining public support for the very idea of rights, a YouGov survey for
The Daily Telegraph suggests.

Michael Howard appears to have struck a chord when he maintained that the rights of gipsies should not be allowed to override the legitimate interests of landowners and householders.

The poll's findings reveal widespread support for repealing the Human Rights Act and even wider support for tackling illegal traveller encampments.


A substantial majority, 65 per cent, backs the idea that camping on other people's land without permission should be a criminal offence. Support comes from across the political spectrum.

(This poll demonstrates a general decline in ability to be secure in ones own property in the UK. This is now a country where a person defending his property against an intruder will be jailed and may have to pay damages to the burgler. In the UK a man's home is no longer his castle.)


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