Don't know much about history--The new Stasi?

Hugh Hewitt:

RogerLSimon pointed me to yet another silly Tina Brown column in which Brown asserts that "[b]loggers are the new Stasi." Put aside the breathtaking indifference or, even worse, ignorance of what the Stasi really were and what they really did, and focus on the possibility that Brown's epic vacuity is widespread among old media elites. If that is the case, and they really do hate the accountability that has arrived, you have to wonder what their genuine commitment to the old ideals of journalism was to begin with. To brand experts and fact checkers as akin to secret police

The bloggers are all sorts of things, and one subset of them are experts ready and able to hold up to very bright light the stuff that journalism has been passing off as reporting for many decades now. Good for the public. Bad for the circulation manager. Why shell out money for a product that can't be trusted, even if the subject matter is interesting?


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