Would Democrats use the levers of power to attack political opponents--Yes they did under Obama

Washington Post:
We’re seeing institutions start to waver as constraints to Trump’s impulses

President Trump’s view of his power and the power of the Justice Department he leads is that this power can justifiably be leveled against his political opponents. This is in part because Trump came to office with the idea that he would wield influence at the White House as he did at Trump Tower: by fiat and without question.
Remember the Romney donor who was audited shortly after his contribution was disclosed?  Remember what Obama's IRS did to attack the Tea Party?  Then there is the use of Democrat opposition research as an excuse to spy on the Trump campaign.   Democrats within the DOJ appear to have seen their job as investigating Trump and using the power of their office to attack him.  They unmasked perfectly legal communications of Mike Flynn in a bogus attempt to suggest he was colluding with Russians.

It looks like Democrats may be reaping what they sowed with their illicit efforts to attack Trump and his campaign.  I think if the DOJ finds evidence of crimes by Democrats they should be prosecuted.


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