Mueller does not need protecting--The US needs to be protected from his band of Hillary backers pushing a coup attempt

Washington Post:
In Congress, GOP splits on protecting Mueller from firing

The party discord came days after the revelation that President Trump sought to oust Robert Mueller III in June, prompting Democrats to make a renewed pitch for Congress to shore up the special counsel’s standing.
This seems to be the latest meme in the liberal media as it becomes more clear that Mueller has nothing.  There was no Russian collusion and he is getting to the end of his investigation without even a hint of any.  He has mainly focused on a couple of process crimes and an unrelated case against Paul Manafort.  Those desperate to remove Trump are hoping he can trick him into an obstruction of justice case, but there is zero evidence that his investigation has been obstructed at all.

This looks like a bad faith case being pushed by the media and liberals to try to overturn the results of the election.  Based on what the Congress has uncovered it appears to be blowing up in the face of the coup plotters.  If they have anything it is not on the public record.  The latest attempt to try to make something out of a discussion between Trump and his lawyers is an absurd basis for an obstruction of justice.  If it were it would make it illegal to consult with an attorney and argue with him about his advice.  That is total nonsense and the Supreme Court would toss such a case easily.


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