Bottom story of the day--Trump did not fire Mueller

NY Times:

Trump Ordered Mueller Fired, but Backed Off When White House Counsel Threatened to Quit

The president ordered the firing last June as he first learned that the special counsel might be investigating whether he had obstructed justice.
This was a non-event.  I suspect that he was advised that such a move would cause him political problems.  The media seems desperate to concoct an obstruction of justice charge for stopping an investigation that has found no evidence that he colluded with Russians in the election.  That would be a miscarriage of justice.  The fact is that he did not act on his thought even if he had it.

If his lawyer advised against it that in itself should be a privileged communication.  But the lawyer could have advised it as not in Trump's political interests.  That is what I would have told him if I were representing him.

The President has often opined that he has nothing to fear from the Mueller investigation because he did not collude with the Russians and he did not obstruct justice.  That cuts against any assertion that he was intent on stopping the investigation.  Other reports have indicated that he thought Mueller may have had a conflict of interest because of past litigation.

It is certainly clear that Meller hired a bunch of Trump haters to work for him which will taint any potential charges he might attempt to bring.

I do think that any attempt to take out the President on the basis of what is seen as specious "obstruction of justice" charges will create an uproar that will haunt Democrats for generations.


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