Liberalism creates greater inequality in California

National Economics Editorial:
Were California a Country It’d be the 17th Most Unequal Nation on Earth, Ahead of Mexico & Guatemala
The sad truth of the matter is that California’s poverty rate is the highest in the country, at 20.6 percent. This is based on data from the US Census Bureau, and modified so as to account for differences in the cost of living between states. And if you’re a skeptical “progressive” then don’t worry, even Politifact confirmsthis finding.

As bad as that sounds, perhaps the more embarrassing statistic is that income inequality in California is at an all time high. This should be obvious to anyone who’s actually been to California, and seen the proliferation of tent cities and urban slums:

There is more.

Not everyone who is homeless is living in a tent on a sidewalk.  There are also formerly middle-class people living in their cars and a few lucky ones are in RV's with no permanent parking space.  If this is what liberalism has done to once rich California would anyone want it to do that to the rest of the country?


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