It was Obama's DOJ and FBI that used police state tactics to spy on Trump campaign

NY Times:

Gridlock Deepens Under Trump. Is Our Democracy at Risk?

The gloom is bipartisan as Republicans warn of a dark plot to overthrow the Trump government and Democrats talk of a creeping authoritarianism unchecked by Congress.
It turns out the Russian collusion in the 2016 election was by operatives hired by the Clinton campaign and the DNC and they co-opted the FBI and DOJ to spy on their political opponents.  That looks more like galloping authoritarianism by the left in this country. 

While Trump has a propensity for bluster on occasion if he were really an authoritarian half of the (th Circuit and the district judges within it would be in jail for their abuse of the courts to thwart executive authority. 

Instead, he has used the appeal process to support his executive authority.  He is using due process to deal with liberals' attempts to thwart US immigration laws. 

These open rebellions against the US  are more a reflection of liberal Democrats' own authoritarian bent that the laws do not apply to them.  Even DACA was more authoritarian than anything Trump has done.

Trump seems to be restoring democracy and the rule of law.


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