ISIS has been reduced to child soldiers in many areas

Washington Free Beacon:
The number of children fighting on behalf of ISIS has skyrocketed in the past years, with hundreds having been found on the battlefield and others being used as executioners for the radical terror group, according to a new report authored by the United Nations.

U.N. officials have verified that hundreds of children kidnapped and recruited by ISIS have been found on the battlefield after being trained in fighting centers set up in war torn Syria and other locales, according to the latest report.

In some cases, children as young as seven years old have been fighting on the battlefield, marking a "significant increase" over previous years, according to the U.N. report, which discloses evidence of video footage showing children executioners killing on ISIS's behalf.

The report shines a spotlight on the growing exploitation of children by radical terror groups, including ISIS, Boko Haram in Nigeria, and others, as they wage war in hotspots across the globe.

The number of children warriors is likely much higher than reported due to difficulties tracking these radical organizations and keeping proper records about their recruitment efforts.
Historically this is the sign of a losing army.  It is what desperate leaders do when they run out of fighters.  Hopefully, the end of ISIS as an army is near.


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