The media in an alternate universe where it is OK to abuse FISA courts to spy on political opponents?

NY Times Editorial:

The Republicans’ Real Fake Scandal

Devin Nunes works to divert attention from the Russia investigation.
The media seems determined to ignore evidence inconsistent with its preferred narrative.  Would we have ever found out about the Clinton campaign's collusion with Russians to use a phony "dossier" to get the FBI to spy on a political opponent without Nunes the GOP Congress uncovering the plot?  Does the Times really think that is OK?  It certainly appears that they think it is OK as long as it was used to undermine the President they do not like. 

Nunes is not diverting attention.  He is exposing a scandal.  It looks like the media has become a co-conspirator with those abusing the FISA courts and pursuing a coup attempt.


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