The Trump State of the Union speech was surprisingly effective

President Trump's first State of the Union speech was aimed at everyone including the Democrats who sat on their hands and could not bring themselves to cheer the lowest black and Hispanic unemployment in history. 

It was almost comical to see their surly crossed arms and sour looks on the face of what is clearly good news for those who now have jobs.  I think their response could actually hurt the Democrats with communities that have supported them in the past.

I think the Republicans can put together some effective ads to run in those communities by just showing the indifference of Democrats to their improved circumstances.

Trump was a salesman for the policies he has been successful on this past year and the ones he proposes for the coming year.  I think that if the Democrats reject these policies they face rejection of their party.

Trump was also very effective at introducing guests in the audience to show his compassion for both heroes and victims.  Some were extremely moving.


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