Should the FBI get a peak at the Nunes memo before it is released?

Charles Lifson:
The Stench at Obama's DOJ and FBI

... The Nunes memo and other congressional investigations are about a different scandal, one directly implicating senior officials at the Obama DOJ and FBI. They want to know why former FBI Director James Comey and his team pre-judged and soft-soaped the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s unsecured private server and her classified emails. Why did they decide to clear her before completing key interviews with Mrs. Clinton and her aides? Why did DOJ grant immunity so freely to obtain evidence that could have been easily subpoenaed by a grand jury? Why did the government itself then destroy that evidence, so no one could do a real investigation later? For that matter, why didn’t they convene a grand jury in the first place? (It was among the first things Mueller did in his own probe.) What involvement did the FBI counter-intelligence division have with the Fusion GPS/Christopher Steele “Russian dossier,” financed by the Clinton campaign? Was the dossier used, in part, to obtain a warrant to spy on Trump associates and, if so, was the FISA court completely informed about the dossier’s financing, provenance, and lack of verification? And what the hell happened to months of text messages among key anti-Trump investigators at the FBI and DOJ?

These questions are not directed at apolitical, career agents, who serve with honor. They are directed at senior executive branch officials at the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and perhaps the NSA and White House. Except for Comey, who now spends his days tweeting about ethical behavior, many of those officials are still at their desks.

It would be naive for Congress to follow CNN’s advice and share this evidence with the very people now being investigated. Those officials are witnesses and potential defendants. They are not busy cleaning the Augean stables. They are spraying air freshener to cover the stench. If the FBI were eager to restore confidence, it would have fired them long ago. If the FBI were eager to aid Congress, it would have shared its own evidence, not resisted and stonewalled until threatened with subpoenas.
The FBI has lost the confidence of many in Congress in the way it has handled the investigations surrounding the 2016 election.  Much of the intel community has also been tainted by the investigation.  About the only one who has seemed honorable has been Mike Rogers at the NSA.  I can understand why people do not trust those asking to see the memo.


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