How can you 'cover up' a non event?

Washington Post:
Trump’s handling of the Russia probe has never looked more like a coverup

President Trump didn’t just consider the most drastic conceivable response to the special counsel’s investigation; he actively tried to do it — until someone stopped him.
It is already pretty clear that there was no collusion between Trump and the Russians.  None. Zero. Nada.  All of the stories that the Post and others have published trying to show one have fallen apart.  So it becomes absurd to suggest that the President's actions are inactions somehow "obstructed justice." 

There is no overt action to demonstrate that.  There are only a few instances of him complaining about the crap that the Democrats have been pushing to try to frame him.   By now, Mueller knows the dossier is a bogus opposition research document put together by the Clinton campaign and its paid operatives by colluding with Russians. 

In fact, that is the only proven Russian collusion that has been found.  To suggest that the President should be taken down because he objected to a bogus case against him is absurd.  If the media and the Democrats push that it will lead to an uprising against them the likes of which have not been seen in this country.


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