Corruption of the FBI and DOJ has become a huge issue that taints the Democrats coup attempt

Howie Carr:
It’s time to abolish the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The G-men have degenerated into nothing more than a racketeering enterprise, a banana republic-style criminal conspiracy of vast proportions.

Now we know that the FBI was plotting a coup against President-elect Trump.

The crooked cops even had a name for their Democrat cabal — the Secret Society. It’s all laid out in black and white, in the post-election texts the FBI neglected to delete as part of their ongoing obstruction of justice.

How many scandals does the FBI get a pass on?

As a society, we’ve eradicated earlier threats to the public order — the American Communist Party and La Cosa Nostra, among others. Is the current police-state incarnation of the FBI any less sinister than either of those two mobs?

The solution is very simple — we have the DEA take over all federal police functions, just like they did with the Whitey Bulger investigation here in Boston because the FBI was too corrupt to be trusted. Maybe the U.S. Marshals could help out, too. They’re a lot better at finding fugitives than Famous But Incompetent.

Abolishing the FBI may sound like a radical solution, but they have metastasized into a clear and present danger to the Republic.

This latest attempted coup is so much worse than Watergate or any of the earlier scandals that have rocked the Bureau.

This Comey-Strzok-Page gang didn’t need no stinkin’ warrants. Or, if they did bother to get them, they made up the evidence they took to the courts — like the dodgy dossier.

And now we find out the FBI is claiming that 50,000 smoking-gun texts between the two crooked lovebirds, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, have disappeared due to a “misconfiguration.”

Do you believe this? Me neither. This is, after all, the FBI. They lie like a rug, always have, always will.
The 50,000 number actually refers to the number of texts that have been found between the two.  We do not know how many texts are missing although we might be able to estimate based on their previous traffic pattern.   But the FBI uses of Clinton paid for opposition research based on its own collusion with Russians to get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign is probably the biggest corruption scandal in history.  It was compounded by a coverup where the FBI and DOJ tried to keep the evidence from Congress.

If there is not at least a purge of the current leadership of the FBI and those responsible for the coup attempt a large portion of the population will lose confidence in federal law enforcement.  Any member of the Secret Society should also be removed from service.


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