Trump ushers in year of economic recovery

Trump economy's sustained growth pace unlike anything seen in 13 years

  • The Trump economy may be doing something not seen since 2005 —growth at a 3 percent or better pace for three quarters in a row.
  • Economists were ratcheting up fourth quarter growth to 3 percent or better after strong fourth quarter retail sales and strong revisions to prior months.
  • The question is whether the trend can continue into the first quarter, which is typically weak and is vulnerable to weather impacts.
Trump has managed to do what he promised on job growth and he will probably continue to do it with his focus on deregulation and the tax cuts that are already stimulating business expansion.  Jobs are returning to the US as the recent example of Dodge moving its production of heavy trucks from Mexico to Michigan.  Apple is talking about repatriating billions back to the US.  The only thing that might slow this growth down is Democrat resistance to good policies.


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