Immigration activists go forum shopping in San Francisco

NY Times:

‘Outrageous,’ White House Says of DACA Ruling, as Trump Calls Court System ‘Broken’

Republicans and Democrats are in the middle of a legislative battle over the program created by President Barack Obama, called the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.
The judges ruling is absurd.  Obama's order was patently illegal.  I think the plaintiff's picked a court in San Francisco because it has more left-wing judges who care more about feeling than the law.  It also puts the case into the 9th Circuit which is notorious for left-wing decisions that have to be overturned by the Supreme Court. 

What they are doing is trying to delay the deportation of people illegally in the country in hopes that Democrats can with time make them legal.  This is all a Democrat plot to try to get voters to fill their shrinking base because people born in the US reject their positions.


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