Democrats and their Russian snipe hunt

Kimberley Strassel:
The Democrats’ ‘Russian Descent’

Tactics in the Trump probe are starting to look a lot like McCarthyism.

... in July the Intelligence Committee sent a letter requesting Mr. Johnson submit to them any documents, emails, texts or the like related to “any communications with Russian persons” in a variety of 2016 circumstances, including those related to “the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign.”

Mr. Barnes seems to have wanted clarification from Ms. Doss about the definition of “Russian persons.” And this would make sense, since it’s a loose term. Russians in Russia? Russians in America? Russians with business in the country? Russians who lobby the U.S. and might be affected by the election—though not in contact with campaigns?

Ms. Doss’s response was more sweeping than any of these: “The provision we discussed narrowing was clarifying that the phrase ‘Russian persons’ in [the committee letter] may be read to refer to persons that Mr. Johnson knows or has reason to believe are of Russian nationality or descent” (emphasis added).
I have to admit that I listen to communications from a fellow of Russian descent who is an excellent sports analyst on a Houston sports radio talk show.  I don't hear him as much lately because they moved his time slot to the early morning drive-time slot which takes place when I am usually blogging.  His cohosts used to jokingly call him "comrade."

A little over 50 years ago I took a course at the University of Texas on the government and politics of the Soviet Union.  It was taught by Prof Taborsky who was actually of Czech descent who had been the Checkloslvakia Secretary of State prior to the German invasion.  He escaped and spent the war in Moscow and attended state dinners with Stalin.  He was no communist and was, in fact, a critic of the whole system long before the Soviet Union collapsed.

The Democrats now ask "have you now or have you had a conversation with a Russia or is a descendant of a Russian?" seems overbroad.  It is what you get when Democrats see their theory on why they lost an election slipping away have having to face the fact that their candidate sucked.


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