Chip Roy is a candidate with an impressive resume running to replace Lamar Smith who is retiring

Erick Erickson:
There are a few candidates who can unite all the factions within the GOP to win. Chip Roy is one of them.

There are not a lot of candidates out there right now who can seemingly unite the various factions warring within the Republican Party. When we find them we should probably note them and rally behind them. One of them happens to be a long time friend of mine who I hope you will support. In an otherwise potential wave year for Democrats, we have the opportunity to send to Washington a Republican who has worked within the GOP for a while and built up a lot of trust between both the more establishment wing of the party and the Trump wing of the party. He has spent years fighting for smaller government, not just giving lip service to it.

Chip Roy worked for Senator John Cornyn, then Governor Rick Perry before becoming Chief of Staff for Ted Cruz. He then worked as the Texas Attorney General's right hand before helming the Tenth Amendment Center for the Texas Public Policy Foundation. You probably remember Chip as one of the attorneys who went to court to successfully stop the Obama Administration's amnesty program.

Before his time in public service, Chip also worked in the private sector for NationsBanc Capital Markets. He can also build houses. He's actually a very impressive guy and a good guy too. He's committed to his faith and his sweet family.
Roy has been endorsed by Sen. Cruz and the Club for Growth.  While I do not know him personally I have followed his career to some extent and he seems very smart.  While there will be some turnover in the Texas delegation in Congress, if candidates like Roy step up it should be a conservative and intelligent delegation.

BTW, Sen. Cruz is leading his probably Democrat opponent by 18 points in a recent poll as he seeks reelection.


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