As Democrat collusion case crumbles they go on anyway

Washington Post:
Democrats go at it alone on Russia probe after partisan breakdowns

Increasingly, Democrats in the House and Senate see Republicans as dedicating more energy to trying to discredit the law enforcement and intelligence agencies investigating the president than seriously examining the allegations that have been unearthed.
It is discredited.  The Democrats have nothing.  That is why they are floundering around trying to find another excuse for their coup attempt.   Their candidate for President and people acting on her behalf attempted to pull a massive fraud on the voters with the dirty dossier and other bogus allegations against the President and it has become an embarrassing failure. 

There may be some "true believers" in the Washington Post newsroom but the only people who agree with them are Democrat partisans still hoping for a coup.  One of the most embarrassing true believers at the Post is Jennifer Rubin.  She has become a daily train wreck of wishful thinking wishing all Republicans ill while supporting the evils of liberalism.


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