What would Border Agents find on your phone when you enter the US?

NY Times:

I probably do not use my phone as much as other people.  My wife complains that I rarely answer it when I am out, but at least I leave it on now.  If they scanned my "contacts" I probably couldn't identify most of them because the phone seems to add items without prompting. 

My emails are not that interesting.  For the most part, they tend to be from people or sites with ideas for blog posts, and I rarely text message outside of the family, but if people respond to a Tweet it seems to show up.  I have never sent or received a "sext" message.  It seems like a dumb idea even if I was such a relationship.

To my knowledge, I don't know any terrorists or associate with anyone who might want to be one.  I just do not think my phone would be that interesting to officials looking to stop criminals or killers.


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