Puerto Rico demonstrates alternative energy too fragile to withstand hurricane force winds

Washington Examiner:
Environmentalists say renewable energy should play a role in rebuilding Puerto Rico's trashed electric grid, but recent photos of the island obtained by the Washington Examiner show that its utility-scale solar arrays are in tatters, and its wind turbine blades are shredded or missing in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.
The Rocky Mountain Institute issued a report recently that showed Puerto Rico's renewable resources have remained relatively small, but there is enormous opportunity to build out a renewable grid.

The report, which the wind industry has recently latched onto, primarily looked to beat back myths about the cost of renewables and reliability problems.

The report focused on costs being competitive with conventional power plants, and concerns about reliability being overcome by pairing wind turbines with large batteries. But the study and the industry failed to consider the fragility of renewable resources in their ability to survive a record-breaking hurricane.
You can see a larger shot of the remains of a solar power facility.  There are also pictures of destroyed windmills.  I  am not surprised.  Even in Texas, the windmills are shut down when the wind is too strong.  It is also hard to imagine solar panels strong enough to survive hurricane-strength winds.


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