Media struggles to understand evangelical support for embassy move to Jerusalem

Washington Post:
Jewish and evangelical Americans are divided over plan to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem

Evangelical support behind the decision may be because some believe that God made a covenant with the Jewish people promising them Israel, an academic expert said.
I get the impression that many journalists are completely unfamiliar with the Bible.  It contains over 3000 years of recorded history of the Jews in the land of Israel.   Even secular history from the Greeks and Romans recognizes Israel as a Jewish homeland.  When the Romans appointed Herod to be the ruler of Israel, he was named the King of the Jews, not the King of the Palestinians.

Evangelicals take a strict constructionist approach to a study of the Bible.  For them, if it says that God gave Israel to the Jews that is the end of the debate.

As for the Palestinians and Islam, there is no mention of Jerusalem in the Koran, but there are numerous mentions of Jerusalem in the Bible. 

The mosque built near the site of the Temple Mount appears to be part of a Muslim strategy of building on the sites of other religions in order to suppress others' faiths.  They did the same thing in India on the sites of Hindu Temples.  In Turkey, they converted Christian church buildings into mosques.  In Greece. they converted the Parthenon into a mosque.  The reason that structure is in ruins is because they used it to store their ammunition and it exploded during a fight to remove them.

Archeologists have found numerous artifacts supporting the Jewish claim to Israel as a homeland.  There are none that support the Palestinian claim.

I have not seen the "divide" on the issue in social media.  Both Jews and evangelicals support the Trump policy.

One has to be historically illiterate to support the Palestinian argument of ownership of Jerusalem.


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