Resistance has, indeed, been futile

Red States:
Once Trump was elected to office, “The Resistance” sprang into action. Under that banner, groups organized marches, protests, and campaigns that were covered by an ecstatic media that did everything it could to get the message out.

Oh, and it was a giant flop. Like, all of it.

This is something even hard-left site Think Progress, the poster child of leftist asininity, unintentionally admitted in a recent video that looked back over The Resistance in 2017. They listed a few of the protests they found pertinent, conveniently left out details about other protests, and failed to mention some of the others that were just downright ridiculous…or even violent.

But at the end of the video, Dr. Dana R. Fisher, whom they are interviewing to speak on the accomplishments of The Resistance, admits that nothing has changed politically because of all the marching, rioting, and pussy hat wearing. She instead marks its success by the fact that it made people feel like they were angry alongside other people all over the nation. That it created a sense of angry togetherness.

In more realistic, brass tacks language, that’s called a mob.
They have been like dogs barkings as cars go past them.  These are also the same people who think that every GOP candidate in 2018 is going to have the baggage Roy Moore had to deal with in the Alabama senate race.

When you filter through all the noise from the protesters and from Trump himself sometimes, Trump has achieved a good bit and the economy and the results on the battlefield reflect that.  He is not the disaster that many feared or hoped for.


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