Revelations that the Democrats bought the dirty dossier through collusion turned theri narrative on its head

Washington Post:
How criticism of the Mueller probe has grown from a whisper to a clamor

The allegation that FBI and Justice Department officials are part of a broad conspiracy against President Trump is suddenly center stage, amplified by conservative activists, GOP lawmakers, right-leaning media and Trump himself. The partisan atmosphere is a sharp departure from the near-universal support that greeted Robert Mueller III’s selection as special counsel in May.
The evidence has exposed Hatch Act violations by people in the DOJ and FBI as they use Democrat paid for opposition research which relies on collusion with the Russians.  At best these people believed something that was not true and acted on it in an attempt to influence the election and then in an attempt to topple the winner.

Many in the media still may believe the Democrats web of lies, but the facts do not support the allegations against Trump.  The facts do show political bias by law enforcement that let Hillary Clinton off the hook for obvious misconduct and then tried to construct a case against Trump.

Mueller's silence is now making him look complicit in the conspiracy against the President.

Now half of likely voters think FBI broke the law in its attempt to bring down Trump


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