Ted Cruz calls Bernie Sanders bluff on making middle-class tax cuts permanent

Cruz has backed the socialist into a corner: Bernie can make the tax cuts permanent, or admit he's lying about them
It all started with a CNN interview where Sanders was asked about the GOP tax cuts....
Bernie's response is complete and utter garbage. The tax cuts are temporary because Democrats wouldn't get on board. With only 51 GOP votes to play with in the Senate, republicans had to get creative to pass the bill. That means the cuts are only good for ten years. The blame for that falls squarely on the democrats, but it's going to be difficult to convince people. Bernie and his leftist colleagues are very good at the blame game, and the typical GOP response of pointing fingers and yelling "it's all your fault!" would quickly devolve into partisan nonsense.

In times like these, it takes a thrifty strategist to shift blame to Democrats and still leave them with no response. Well, Cruz did it, and he needed less than 240 characters.

Ted Cruz

I agree, @BernieSanders -- let's make the middle-class tax cuts permanent. Join me, we'll co-sponsor legislation (I've already got it drafted) that does exactly that, and we'll get it passed in January! https://twitter.com/cnnpolitics/status/944932787265695751 …

11:58 AM - Dec 27, 2017
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I suspect that Democrat talking point will be short-lived.  But Cruz should push for the legislation anyway just to keep the Democrats on the defensive about it.


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