Are there enough members of 'alt-right' to move bitcoin market?

Washington Post:
Bitcoin boom a boon for alt-right groups seeking to duck Web, government scrutiny

Far-right political leaders and experts on extremist movements alike say the adoption of bitcoin gained new urgency after Charlottesville’s bloody Unite the Right rally in August as extremists looked for ways to operate beyond the reach of government control and the shifting policies of U.S. tech companies.
Put me down as skeptical that the market movement is driven by a group that is not large enough to fill a hotel ballroom, much less a stadium.  I suspect it is more likely that the market is being driven by left-wing geeks who fear the Trump economy.  It is the left that has been fearful of what Trump is doing to the mainstream economy, despite the obvious growth in market indicators.

It appears to me that the Bitcoin bubble is and should be fragile.  It is like the Dutch tulip bubble of the past.  It would probably be in the interest of the US and its allies to see the bubble burst sooner rather than later, because it has become a vehicle for North Korea to finance its clandestine nuclear missile investment.


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