The Democrats next electron mistake

NY Times:

Democrats Leave Few House Seats Unchallenged

Stung by their failure to field candidates in crucial races last year, Democrats are contesting virtually every Republican-held House seat in 2018.
This is not a smart move for a party that is virtually broke.  The Republicans already have about 10 times as much cash on hand as Democrats and that number could grow.  The Democrats have lost their government slush funds that Obama doled out through the DOJ settlements and the Consumer Protection scam settlements. 

If Democrats want to spend money in the congressional district I live in Texas they are engaging in a fool's errand.  There are many other GOP strongholds across the country where Democrats stand no chance. 

Republicans are not going to choose more Roy Moore's to run against Democrats.

There is also the fact that Trump's tax cuts are going to be showing up in paychecks in 2018 and Republicans are not going to let Democrats forget that they all voted against giving people more takehome pay.

While I was a reluctant Trump voter in 2016, he has greatly exceeded my expectations and I sense that more Republicans will be enthusiastic about him in coming elections.  Democrats who live in their insular worlds of liberalism are just out of touch with the rest of the country.


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