Liberals continue to insult the intelligence of those who voted against them in 2016

Washington Post:
Russian threat went uncontested by U.S. as it metastasized

The bureaucratic inertia that left the United States vulnerable to Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election traces back to decisions made at the end of the Cold War. This account of the United States’ piecemeal response to the Russian disinformation threat is based on interviews with dozens of current and former senior U.S. officials.
The Post and other liberal publicantions have failed to show any thing the Russians did or said that influenced my vote againt Hillary Clinton.  It is insulting to suggest that 60 million people were conned by the Russians.  It is beyond arrogant to think that more people would have voted for someone like Clinton if the Russians had not tried to mess with us.

Clinton was a fundamentally dishonest candidate who mishandled classified material and then obstructed justice in trying to destroy documents related to her crime.  Her policies were more of the failed policies of Obama.

While it is clear the Russians were trying to mess with the election, it should be clear that they were messing with both sides.It was, after all, the Russians that supplied the unsubstantiated material in the dirty dossier, that the FBI and DOJ felled for.

It was the Democrats that were fooled by that document that has led to disruptions since the election.  It was in that regard that the Russians were spectacularly successful in providing bogus information.


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