Trump voters see some flaws but consider the alternative much worse.

But like many bedrock Republican voters across the country, Fox ultimately stood behind Trump, pointing to economic growth, restricted immigration and what he said were other improvements in American life under the president. Fox also thought Trump was providing a service by subverting politics as usual.

“It can be fun to watch – politicians attack Trump, Trump attacks the politicians and the media, it’s like a circus, in a way it’s like ‘Give me some popcorn,’ you know what I mean,” he said. “I don’t necessarily see it as a bad thing. It’s bringing some things to light. Maybe, is that what we needed, to kind of shake things up and stir the pot a little it? Maybe, who knows.”

The Guardian has been interviewing Trump supporters in Northampton County over the last year to determine whether Trump is living up to his promise, in the eyes of his supporters.

Fox, who switched his registration from Republican to Independent during the election out of disgust with what he felt had become poisonous partisanship, rejected the premise of the question, explaining that his last-minute support for Trump was not motivated by pie-in-the-sky hopes of what Trump might deliver so much as it was driven by a dearth of options.

Trump is not important to me. The direction or the philosophy is more important than the person. It’s not the hill I would want to die on, if you want to put it that way.”

If the election came around again tomorrow, Fox said, he might be lured away from Trump by the right candidate – but certainly not by the likes of Hillary Clinton.

“Given the same two candidates and the same scenario, I would vote the same way.”
This should tell the Democrats are in trouble if they are relying on polls tied to Trump's approval rating.  They should be concerned about their own.  It is what cost them the 2016 election and they appear to have learned nothing from teh experience.  They act like they are doubling down on what caused them to lose.


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