Trump in Danang, Vietnam

NY Times:

In Danang, Vietnam, Trump Makes a Friendlier American Landing

Once a vital American war base, the city is host to an APEC summit where Vietnam will reaffirm warmer ties with the United States and seek help with China.
When I went to Danang in 1968 it was a brief stopover on my way to Dongha where the Third Marine Divison headquarters was located. I saw it again as I was Medivaced out of Vietnam.  It could be a scenic place along the coast of the South China Sea.  I thought other coastal areas near North Vietnam would be a good location for resorts if there was no war going on.

I take issue with the characterization of a "Friendlier Landing."  The Marines were there to help the South Vietnamese by putting their lives on the line for them.  That is the ultimate friendship.  Vietnam could be as vibrant as South Korea is now if the Democrats had not been so determined to lose the war.

Hopefully, the Vietnamese who took over the country will renounce their communist roots and make it a place that can reach its potential, but it is wrong to suggest that the US had ulterior motives in going there


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