Pollsters still have not been able to factor in how political correctness skews the polls

NY Times:

Private pollsters are trying harder to capture the opinions of less-educated white voters, but some public pollsters haven’t adjusted at all.
Because Democrats and liberals have been so nasty in their opposition to conservative points of view as many as 60 percent of the country are reluctant to even talk about the issues or who they support.  I suspect this is the reason the polling was so wrong in 2016, and there is probably no easy way to fix the problem.

When you call someone a racist for saying Black Lives Matter got it start based on a lie and that the crime statistics do not support their claim that police target blacks to kill them you are not going to get a reasonable discussion of the issues.  How do you have a reasonable discussion with someone who claims FBI data is racists? 

This is just one example of how Democrat identity politics has poisoned the discourse in a way that polling can't deal with at this time.

BTW, the NFL kneelers still do not get how counterproductive their protests are and how they are destroying the market for their sport by turning off people who think they are disrespectful of the national anthem and the flag.  They are pushing a movement based on the Black Lives Matter "hands up, don't shoot" lie.  The Obama DOJ and the prosecutors took eyewitness testimony from other blacks who said it never happened yet the group persists with the lie.


  1. I live in a very Blue-State city. My taxes go up every year. The city is also aggressive in code enforcement ticketing. The night my Trump sign was stolen (a bit of climb for somebody, I needed a ladder to nail it), somebody spraypainted, "Kill your local Trump supporter" 2 blocks away.

    Now: I get a phone call from some group I never heard of, and somebody wants to know how I'm going to vote. You think I'm going to give them an honest answer?


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