Chaffetz says the swamp is fighting back in Washington

Independent Sentinel:
Congressman Jason Chaffetz sat down for an interview with Sharyl Attkisson, making some starting admissions. His admissions are the first time confirmation of the power of the Deep State.

After 8 1/2 years, Jason Chaffetz is leaving Congress for reasons of family but also for another stunning reason — the system seems unfixable. The Deep State runs the country and no one will take it on. Nothing has changed under Trump. Nothing has changed under Sessions. The State Department is the same. Congress is the same.

Congress expected Trump to clean house and it hasn’t happened.

What he is talking about is that part of the Deep State he had to deal with, the powerful government agencies operating as rogue governments and the politicians who cave to it.

Congress still can’t get any documents, even on the 7-year old case, Fast & Furious. The IRS commissioner John Koskinen is still in place. Congress pleaded with Trump to fire him but he’s still there. No one’s been fired.

One of the problems is Congress is delaying new hires, to be fair.

The departing congressman says no one wants to do the oversight and Congress won’t stand up for itself. Congress never cuts funding and they couldn’t get people to testify under Obama.
There is more.

There is some truth to what he is saying.  Trump has been unusually slow at making his appointments and Congress has been slow rolling those he has named.  The Attorney General office needs to be staffed with people who will dig into the Democrat corruption of the last eight years and instead Trump is having to fight using Democrat lawyers.


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