The problem with the Senate healthcare bill for Republicans

Washington Post:
Senate health-care bill faces resistance from GOP moderates

Fears that proposed cuts would fray the social safety net are creating anxiety for Republican moderates whose states have benefited from the ACA’s expansion of Medicaid. Those centrists may pose just as much an obstacle to the bill’s passage as their colleagues on the right.

Koch network won’t endorse Senate GOP’s health-care measure in its current form

One group wants a “more dramatic” reversal of the Affordable Care Act. An official with the Koch network said the debate has focused too much on the number of insured people and not enough on outcomes.
Most of the criticism I see is closer to what the Koch network is saying than what so-called moderates are saying.

Those who cling too closely to the current Obamacare formula are likely to be the biggest losers because they are not going to mollify Democrats who are determined to keep the sorry status quo at any cost and they will lash out at anyone who opposes it.

What most conservatives really want, is to do away the absurd mandates so that people can afford the product.  They would also increase competition across state lines so people would not be locked into one carrier.

The Democrats have offered no positive solutions to the mess they have made of health care in this country and they have demonstrated a complete lack of empathy for the victims of their mess.  The Republicans need to do a better job of attacking those Democrats who are bitterly clinging to their failed health care program.


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