CNN has lost the ability to act like a news organization

Erick Erickson:
Jeff Zucker, what are you doing? You guys are getting the snot kicked out of you over a series of missteps. I get to my hotel tonight and the TV in the lobby is on CNN and you guys are covering, still, the fake Time magazine cover at a Trump golf course while on your website you are devoting pixels to fanboy-ish praise of Barack Obama’s jeans selection.
This is CNN?

I hold CNN in fond affection and have a lot of friends who work there. I feel for them in the midst of an all out assault on their integrity. There are a ton of good people who work at CNN. The network does a ton a good and offers a great news package.

But it seems someone at the network has decided to double down on stereotype. The Trump Administration is pounding them for fake news and they’re focusing their attention on a silly story about a Time magazine cover and a former President’s jeans selection. It is utterly ridiculous. It makes the network seem petty and small at a time the network is being accused of being petty and small.

The fixation on the Time cover certainly must scratch the itch of aggrieved reporters who want to hit back at the charge of “fake news.” What’s faker than fake? A photoshopped cover of Time magazine, which will no doubt soon be replaced with an entire wall of actual Time magazines that feature the President.

But no one really cares about this story except the media trying to match the President in a game of gotcha.
The Time cover story may seem clever to a network under attack because it has gotten so much wrong, but it merely confirms its place as an agenda driven organization rather than a news organization.

My recollection is that at one time you could buy mirrors that showed your face as a Time cover story.  When will we see one that shows a Time cover shouting that CNN  got so much wrong in its attempt to build ratings by attacking the President?

What the Project Veritas tapes reveal is that the organization does not even believe the stuff they are saying about the Russian story.  That is not news they were willing to reveal, but it is a much bigger story than the Russian collusion thing they have pushed.


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