Does Google manipulate its search results?

Washington Post:
E.U. announces record $2.7 billion fine against Google, accusing it of manipulating search results

The landmark ruling sets up a major clash about whether government regulators can shape the behavior of one of the world’s most powerful companies. Google is expected to appeal the decision.
The EU tends to have an oppressive regulatory regime that strikes out at non-EU entities it sees as too powerful.  It is a system based on "experts" who act as control freaks.

That being said, I have heard complaints in the US that Google logarithms have a built-in liberal bias.  Some conservative bloggers saw their hits took a dive because of their support for President Trump.  Others have seen an increase for the same reasons.  I suspect that some on both the left and the right game the Google system to get hits.

While Google is still a dominant search engine, it is getting competition from social media such as Facebook that drives almost as much traffic these days.  It is too bad the "experts" at the EU did not take that into account.


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