Democrats lashing out in frustration at their losses

Peter Hack:
... the problem extends beyond Democrat lawmakers and party leaders. It’s also the messaging of the party’s public spokesmen in media. When a wealthy white man defeated female Hillary Clinton for the presidency, feminists were outraged. When female Karen Handel defeated a wealthy white man for a congressional seat, feminists were outraged. It belies the entire movement and Americans see it and tire of it.

And the Times itself is culpable. The day before they ran this article on Democrat seething, they ran Democrat author Jill Filipovic’s assertions that excused her party and blamed the voters:

“At what point is this not a failure of Democrats, but toxic, vindictive voters willing to elect hateful bigots?”

She really wrote that. Karen Handel is a “hateful bigot.” Why? Because she disagrees with Jill Filipovic? Because she’s a Republican? And there was more:

“Maybe instead of trying to convince hateful white people, Dems should cater to our base – ppl of color, women – to turn out. Cater to them.”

This is the kind of identity politics, the kind of divisive nonsense that has overtaken the Democrat Party. It’s become engrained in their DNA, and until there’s a purge of that bloodstream of hatred and dismissal of anyone who doesn’t think like them, it’s not likely to get better.
Others have also lashed out at the party's messaging by saying it has not fully embraced the "resistance."   Never mind that they cannot sell that dog food in a Republican-leaning district.

What they also overlook is that the left wing media has embraced the "resistance" and that was enough to make it hard for a candidate like Ossoff to sell a more moderate message in a conservative area.

With CNN so anti-Trump it trips over itself in negative news about the President it is hard for voters to get any message other than a vote against a Republican is a vote for the resistance.  The GOP voters took notice and turned out in droves to vote against Democrats.


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