Iran's Taliban weapons shipments


Border police say they are regularly intercepting consignments of anti-tank mines and mortars bound for Afghan militants fighting Nato-led forces.

One shipment seized on May 23 along Afghanistan's 580-mile western border contained dozens of anti-tank mines.

"That's a regular occurrence," the official told the Daily Telegraph. "It tends to be heavier weapons like mines and mortars rather than Kalashnikovs".

Quantities regularly run into the hundreds and the weapons are usually brand new he added.

Mr Obama has been working hard to enlist Iranian support in tackling rampant arms and opium traffic across the border.


International forces believe elements within the Iranian regime are either behind the smuggling or at least doing little to stop it.

The disclosure that weapons are still freely flowing across the border follows Afghan army claims that Iranian weapons were recovered from a notorious Taliban and drug trafficker haven in Helmand province.


The Iran government is still controlled by snakes and they have not been moved by Obama's outreach. The weapon production is in the hands of the radicals who are responsible for Iran being the largest state sponsor of terrorism and it appears they are joined with the terrorist in Afghanistan.


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