Marine Corps special ops forces

Mark Walker:

Sgt. Graham Jacobs, a team leader with the 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion at Camp Pendleton, struggled for an answer to what he and his men did during a recent deployment to an untamed region of western Afghanistan.

The Wyoming native said he was searching for a "politically correct" response.

He was told that wasn't necessary.

"OK," he said. "We ran around and killed a lot of bad people."

There is much more and it not that simple.

Marines resisted special forces operations for several years because they though all Marines qualified as such. While qualified they did not do much of the behind the enemy lines type of operations that are being done now in Afghanistan. I think they have learned to appreciate the role of these forces in the overall combined arms operations.


  1. Funny, that's pretty much what I did in Korea, only I did it with artillery instead of running around.


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