Mike Williams to introduce McCain acceptance speech

Houston Chronicle:

With President Bush's national approval ratings hovering around 30 percent, you might think it's a bad year to be a Republican convention delegate from the state the president calls home.

Not so, say some prominent Texas Republicans.

"We're the second-largest state in the country. We're the state with the strongest economy in the country. We've been the source of presidents and the source of significant members of the Congress. I expect us to be treated the way we've always been treated — very well," said Michael Williams, a delegate and state Railroad Commission chairman.

Williams, who believes history will judge Bush's presidency a success, is scheduled to help introduce John McCain when the senator accepts the GOP presidential nomination on Thursday.

But others, who foresee no problem with the Texas delegation's welcome, still say that Bush's record doomed any chance for a Texan to join McCain on the ballot.


Williams is a dynamic and energizing speaker. McCain's team is wise to put him on display for the nation. He has Obama's charisma with better ideas.


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