Brit SAS take out 3.500 terrorist in Baghdad

Daily Mail:

More than 3,500 terrorists have been 'taken off the streets of Baghdad' by an elite British force aimed predominantly at stopping suicide car bombers.

The brazen 'Black Ops' have been going on for the past 18 months and while a majority of the insurgents were captured, it is also thought several hundred - mainly members of an organisation known as 'al-Qa'eda in Iraq' - have been killed by the SAS.

The SAS is part of a top-secret unit called 'Task Force Black' which also includes Delta Force, the US equivalent of the SAS.

Suicide car bombers killed around 3,000 people a month in Baghdad at the height of the terrorist attacks in 2006.

The SAS began to tackle the threat almost exclusively at the same time the US military launched its so-called 'surge', in which an 30,000 extra American troops moved into Baghdad's most dangerous areas, in early 2007.

Using spies and informers to gain intelligence Task Force Black have dismantled the terrorist network to such an extent that bombings in Baghdad have been reduced from about 150 a month to just two.

However the covert mission saw six members of the SAS killed and more than 30 injured.

While Delta Force has suffered in the region of 20 per cent casualties.


The relationship between the SAS and Delta Force is very close.

'If anything, the attrition rate in Delta Force is higher.

'Two years ago the SAS made a donation to Delta Force’s 'widows and orphans’ fund of £10,000.'


This reminds me a little of the Phoenix program in Vietnam which targeted VC leadership. It was extremely effective and after the war the communist admitted it hurt their effort. I think the surge aided this effort because of the intelligence it generated which allowed the targeting.


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