Colombia captures drug dealer wanted by US


Police in Colombia have captured a drugs kingpin the US is seeking to extradite, days after killing his twin brother in a shoot-out.

Miguel Angel Mejia Munera was found inside a secret compartment in the cab of a lorry by police in Tolima region, Colombia's defence minister said.

His brother, Victor Manuel, was shot dead on Tuesday - and initially was mistaken for Miguel.

The US was offering $5m (£2.5m) for information leading to their capture.

This is the latest blow to Colombia's drugs trade, says the BBC's Jeremy McDermott in Bogota.


He was found in the secret air-conditioned compartment with a pistol at his side but gave up without a fight, the minister said.

Police became suspicious after they noticed the driver of the goods lorry buying four bottles of the sports drink Gatorade and snacks at a lorry stop near the town of Honda.

Minutes later at a police checkpoint, Mr Santos said, officers noticed the drinks and snacks were no longer in the driver's cabin.

"This raised suspicions," the minister noted.

Police became more curious when the driver asked to keep the engine running - a bid to keep oxygen flowing to Mr Mejia in his compartment behind the driver's seat, which was equipped with a bed and refrigerator.

"Congratulations, you won," the suspect reportedly told police after his detention.


Lorry is Brit speak for truck, usually big ones. The story indicates that the drug thugs were associated with a right wing paramilitary group instead of the left wing FARC narco terrorist. Either way it is good news despite the pessimism of the BBC writer. While there may indeed be people willing to take their place, the effect will be to degrade their performance and make it easier to capture the next one. It also shows that Colombia is serious about the rule of law no matter who the perps are associated with.


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