Reversing Muslim Immigration to Europe

Muslims are immigrating to Europe because of the failure of muslim dominated governments to create jobs and opportunities. In many cases they are fleeing oppressive regimes like the one in Iraq. Just as millions returned to Afghanistan when that country was liberated from the Taliban despots, many Iraqi's will return to that country once they no longer have to fear Saddam's torture gulag. If this trend is extended to other Arab countries Europe's problem of assimilating muslim immigrants can be greatly reduced. It is in the interest of France and other European governments to help this process. Unfortunately, they are too hung up on pacifism to see it at this time. Socialism has weakened their military and their moral fiber. It will take leadership to overcome this problem. At this point it will have to be external leadership, since Chirac and Schroeder have clutch the philosphy of losers to their bosom.


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