Irrational Opposition to War

Lee Harris looks at opposition to the war with Iraq as expressed by Robert Fisk. Fisk is a man who feels guilty about being a member of the white oppressor race. His opposition is not based on the results and the benefits flowing to the Iraqis. He is projecting base motives to the reason for the US action against Iraq. Opponents of a war with Iraq clearly misread Bush's intentions because they are not used to someone saying exactly what they mean. Shortly after Bush took office some Democrats were aghast that Bush intended to do exactly what he said he would do during his campaign. The same is true for his motivation to go to war with Iraq. He has repeatedly said that the war will be about getting rid of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. He has never said it was a war about oil. Yet, the anti war pukes continue to march with signs that say no war for oil. OK, we will not fight a war for oil, especially when it would be cheaper to just buy it, or go to war with an oil producer like Mexico or Canada who do not have WMD. Are you listening Fisk? We have decided we are going to fight to get rid of WMD so that Saddam will not be free to use them against the US or to give them to third parties like al Queda to use againt the US. You may not think that is worth going to war over, but the President and most of the people in the US do. Liberated Iraqis will also and that must bother you. Liberated Iraqis will also finally get the benefit of the oil production that has been going to build palaces and WMD. Is it really going to bother you that Americans will be helping Iraqis enjoy the benefits of this war?


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