Obama's bad Iran deal destabilizing the Middle East

Erick Erickson:
The left is vastly more interested in protecting Barack Obama’s legacy than ensuring a stable world. One of the key components of his legacy that is destabilizing the world is the Iran deal. It will allow Iran to build nuclear weapons and it has provided funding for Iran to renew funding Hezbollah. Iran is stretching its legs trying to assert power in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia is the only power in the Middle East that can contain Iran.

That is why the left in America was upset with President Trump defending King Salman today. The king and his son are modernizing Saudi Arabia, rounding up often convenient targets of public corruption, and liberalizing the country. It is not altruistic, but a way to force diversification with cheap oil prices right now and also to get the people on the King’s side against the King’s relatives.

This is normally something the American left would celebrate, but the efforts by Saudi Arabia run headlong into confronting Iran’s resurgence due to Barack Obama’s Iran deal. This is another reason President Trump should scuttle the deal. The engagement with Yemen, the saber rattling with Lebanon, and the direct sniping with Qatar and Iran are all about containing Shiite terrorist groups through whom Iran wants to exercise control over the Middle East.
Iran's meddling in Yemen is about seizing a strategic waterway that could threaten Middle Eastern oil trade with Europe and the passage of US ships through the Suez Canal.  That many on the left can't see the strategic importance of defeating Iran in Yemen shows you how ignorant they are when it comes to both geography and history.  The bad Iran deal is facilitating the Yemen adventure by giving Iran money to finance its proxies.  It is one of the worse deals in the history of deals.


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