Evidence of collusion points in a different direction from where Mueller is investigatin

Bob Calco:
By now, it’s impossible to believe there was no collusion involving foreign powers in the 2016 presidential election. It’s just that the campaign in question isn’t Trump’s. If you’ve missed the evidence pointing to Clinton collusion, you’ve not been following the events precipitating—and now engulfing—the Mueller investigation very carefully.

With the initial set of indictments handed down recently in that sprawling, curiously one-sided investigation, it has become clear that the investigation has run far afield of its original charter. The real and entirely political purpose of this unconstitutional farce is becoming clear.

Mueller’s partisan legal team composed largely of Democratic donors was never assembled to uncover the real collusion, but instead to bury it. Its real purpose was to project the illusion that the campaign cheerfully engaged in various kinds of collusion—Hillary Clinton’s—was in fact the helpless victim of collusion.

What Really Happened?
The hard, if elusive, evidence of her scheming is beginning to emerge despite the mainstream media blockade and the complete indifference of Team Mueller. It is time now to consider seriously that the opposite of the conventional narrative is true.

Yes, it is time to confront the shocking possibility that our own government colluded with its preferred presidential campaign, a campaign that concocted a bogus “dossier” with the help of useful idiots and willing foreign powers (including, but not limited to, Russia), and then used politically weaponized federal agencies to spy on and attempt to destroy the Republican candidate for President in 2016.

Worse, when that effort failed, the outgoing administration and its holdovers then embarked on an aggressive, multi-layered criminal conspiracy to undermine the legitimacy of the electoral victor, even if that meant destabilizing our entire political system.
There is much more.

If I were Manafort and Gates attorney I would ask for discovery of anything in the Mueller team files that was evidence of collusion by the defendants.  After all< that was his assignment.  Demand that he turn over any evidence of collusion by Manafort, Gates or anyone else.  I would ask for an immediate hearing on the discovery motion so that they cannot delay and drive up the costs of the defendants.

The focus should be on the Clinton campaigns paying Russians for the material that wound up in the dirty dossier and was later used by Comey's FBI to spy on her political opponent.


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