Air Force screw up allowed shooter to buy a weapon

NY Times:

Suspect’s Conviction Was Never Put Into National Database

  • A domestic assault conviction should have barred Devin P. Kelley from legally purchasing the rifle he used to kill 26 people in a Texas church.
  • The Air Force and the Pentagon will be conducting a review of the case and whether other convictions had been improperly left unreported.
This reminds me of that business axiom, "It is impossible to make things foolproof because fools are so ingenious."

What is interesting is that the shooter tried to get a concealed handgun permit in Texas and was refused.
Abbott did not say when the permit was denied, nor did he cite the reasons why, saying only that it was due to “either answers, or the lack thereof, that were provided in his request.” Because Texas does not require a permit to purchase or own firearms, Abbott’s reference appears to be to a request to carry a gun.
At any rate, the failure to enter his conviction in the FBI database had deadly consequences.


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